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Why being Green matters to us

We aren't just like every other salon

Sustainability is crucial to our business for several reasons. Firstly, we recognize the urgent need to address environmental concerns and reduce our ecological footprint. As members of the global community, we understand the responsibility we bear in preserving the planet for future generations.


Secondly, prioritizing sustainability aligns with our values and ethos as a salon. We believe in operating ethically and responsibly, not only in terms of the services we provide but also in the way we interact with the environment and our community. By adopting sustainable practices, we strive to make a positive impact beyond just the beauty industry.


Moreover, incorporating sustainability into our business from day one was a natural choice. We recognized early on that environmental sustainability and business success are not mutually exclusive. In fact, embracing sustainability has enabled us to differentiate ourselves in a competitive market, attract like-minded clients who value eco-conscious practices, and foster a sense of pride and purpose among our team members.


Ultimately, our decision to prioritize sustainability stems from a deep-rooted commitment to do what is right for the planet, our clients, and our team. Whether it's reducing waste, conserving resources, or supporting eco-friendly initiatives, we are dedicated to continuously improving and innovating our practices to ensure a more sustainable future for all.

Green Hills

Our green practices in salon

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