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Appointment guidance per government rules

  1. On me entering your property I will sterilise my hands and I would request you do so.

  2. I will be in P. P. E this includes full face visor and disposable gown.

  3. Clients will be asked to wear a mask throughout their service, I have disposable masks available for £1 if needed, I will not be carrying out any services on clients without the use of a mask unless there is a genuine medical reason, please contact me prior to discuss.

  4. If you are only having a styling service please have your hair washed, I will not be offering dry cuts, hair must be washed prior to cutting including children's hair.

  5. For colouring services your hair does not need to be washed prior to my arrival, however to remove your colour I will provide you with your own towel and ask you to shower it off yourself. I will not be moving through your house unnessarily, and will try to keep to one area.

  6. All equipment I will be using is either single use, or sterilised between each client.

  7. PLEASE note if you have asked me to do more than one family members hair at a time, that is fine if prior agreement has been made, but per guidelines I should be in the room with one client at a time, anyone waiting for hair should wait in a separate area.

  8. Please if possible pay by app or contactlessly, I will not be taking cash where possible, I will not have change available.

  9. If you or any house hold family member have any symptoms however mild, please cancel your appointment and rebook after 14 days.

I know this is a difficult time, and these rules seem strict, but from the government guidance I've been supplied I think this is the best way to move forward, keeping us all safe. This isn't forever, someday soon we will return to how we were! I look forward to seeing everybody!


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