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Salon rules and regulations for reopening

hi all, so this blog will be all based around the dreaded Covid19!. When we are eventually allowed to reopen things are going to be a little different, all just to keep us safe. So guys there will be a few rules :

  • Please use hand sanitiser provided on entering salon.

  • No dry hair cuts

  • All hair must be washed on entering the salon, even colour clients

  • All clients must wear a mask throughout their time in the salon, please try and bring your own, however I do have a few disposable ones spare

  • I will make sure I have a fresh gown for every client

  • Unfortunately we will not be providing any refreshments or magazines at this time so please bring some reading material

  • I am not taking cash, unless absolutely vital, but please be aware I will not have change to give. If you must pay cash please have it in an envelope ready. Preferably pay contactless or direct through the app

  • Please attend your appointment alone, we have to limit the amount of people in the salon at any one time. So unfortunately you will not be allowed in the salon with company.

  • Please wait outside for your appointment and I will come out to get you.

  • No drop in appointments will be accommodated, its by appointment only.

I know this list seems extensive but please know its only to keep yourselves and us safe. We in turn will be in full P.P.E all day, we will be using disposable aprons changed between each client. After each treatment our full areas will be sterilised, and we will only be able to accommodate a set amount of clients each day in order for us to be able to put the cleaning procedures needed in place. Please note for the over 70s and children we will have set times when these clients can have appointments.

Thanks for reading everyone. Can't wait to see you all


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1 bình luận

12 thg 6, 2020

Wow! Fantastic news. Good luck ! Xx

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